Sunday, October 5, 2008

Viewfinder Photography

A few weeks ago I saw this post on Boing Boing linking to a Flickr pool of digital photos taken through the viewfinders of old cameras. A week or so later I bought an old Argoflex 75 twin lens reflex camera on ebay which finally arrived a few days ago. So, this weekend I spent a few hours adapting it to take photos through the viewfinder using our digital camera, and took a few outdoor shots with my "new" camera:

This is the camera after I removed the top viewfinder covering
and super-glued the lens back into place.

Here's a photo of the camera, along with the hood I made out of
black foam board to hold the digital camera in place.

A view of the camera with the handmade adapter.
The lens of the digital camera fits into the circular hole at the top.

Here's a view looking down through the top of the adapter to the viewfinder of the camera.
The digital camera focuses on the image shown in the viewfinder.

Here's some test shots I took today in our back yard:


Kevin said...

Cool pictures. The hood looks neat bro. I knew you had some of Dad's "engineer" in ya.

Robin Miller said...

True that - it's a wonder what you can do with foamcore and some packing tape. I'm a regular MacGyver.

Elvira said...

These are nice. I haven't had time but I want to try to do with with my 8X10 camera.

Robin Miller said...

Yay Elvira! Hope all's well in Oregon. Promise I'll get around to emailing you soon.