Friday, November 28, 2008

New Paintings

I've taken off work this past week to both start on a large framing project (more on that later) and to also try and bash out some new paintings. So far I've finished three (they're available at my Etsy shop):

Balls to the Wall 2. 2008.
encaustic, collage, oil pastel, and ink on panel.

5 x 5 x 1-1/2"

Serpent and Halos.
encaustic, collage, ink, and enamel on panel.
5 x 5 x 1-1/2"

Black Cat. 2008.
encaustic, collage, and oil pastel on panel.
8 x 5 x 1-1/4"

Apropos to the last painting, here's U2 performing
An Cat Dubh (Gaelic for The Black Cat):

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