Sunday, October 18, 2009

DYI Guitars - II & III

Following my first wine box guitar build I've decided to build some more. For the body of the second guitar I used a stainless steel strongbox that I picked up at our local Goodwill for 99 cents. I sanded off the battleship gray paint for a brushed steel surface and drilled sound holes using our shower drain as a template. Pretty straightforward build - had to use a dremel w/ diamond cutting wheel to cut through the stainless steel box to mount the neck. The most time-consuming steps were sanding the paint off the box and mounting the frets.

Some pix of the finished piece:

view of the bottom of the guitar showing 1/4"output jack

interior view showing piezo mounted to the underside of the neck, and output jack

For the body of the next guitar I decided to use a tin children's tool chest that I picked up on ebay. Again, pretty straightforward build. I was able to do most of the modifications to the body using tin snips, and once again used our shower drain as a template for the sound holes. When I wired this one up I added a pot for volume control, and used an old brass button as the volume knob.

Some pix:

detail showing brass volume knob. "This one goes to 11."

the neck is secured to the tin box body with rivets.

volume control and output jack.

Almost forgot - I also rewired and added a volume control to the wine box guitar. I fashioned a knob out of an old gear and plastic halloween skull:

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