Sunday, April 25, 2010

A (Not So) New Drawing

I've finally gotten around to posting the googlewhack drawing I finished a couple of weeks ago - for details about this series of drawings, please see my earlier post. Anyway, this one is titled vishnu hayrides. The outer edges are a bit wobbly in the photo - I photographed it where it has been tacked up to the wall in my workroom for several weeks and the recent humidity (it's been a wet weekend in Sav) has warped the vellum a bit. It should be fine once it get it in the flat drawers with the AC on.

Overall I think I'm happy with it. It started out as vertical with four rows of broken text but it just wasn't working & I couldn't get the right balance of letters/open space (ie. figure/ground). I cut it up & went for a horizontal orientation instead and I think it works better. We'll see - I'll put it away and not look at it for awhile, then hopefully see it with fresh eyes.

vishnu hayrides. 2010.
crayon and enamel on vellum. 17 x 29 in.

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