Tuesday, April 1, 2008

To My Dear Little Friends (Death Star)

To My Dear Little Friends (Death Star) 2006
collage on paper 6 x 4-1/2 inches

This is also a collage from 2006. It consists of an illustration of a sphere cut from an old geometry textbook that has been glued to the dedication page from a 19th century children's book. There is a pencil line that mirrors the shape of the globe, and/or looks like a wire stand supporting the globe. This line was scribbled onto the page a long time ago, perhaps by the original owner of the book. The globe reminded me of the Death Star in the first Star Wars movie.

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Mideon13 said...

In the immortal (and quite annoying, banal and redundant) words of the Emperor; "...blah blah Death-star. Blah blah blah darkside... Blah blah young Skywalker... Blah blah evil plan... Blah blah rebel alliance..." Was I ever relieved when in "Return of the Jedi" Vader tosses his annoying arse into the reactor, sparing us further exasperation from the character's bovine excrement dialog. Who wrote that manure anyway? Oh yeah, nice collage.